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Danny Elbin Farms
1500 Barnes Road
Artemas, PA 17211
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1500 Barnes Road
Artemas, PA 17211
(814)784-3923 *home
(814)977-3616 *cell
AQHA  15yr old 15 h Dun mare with
Hollywood and Sunny Dawn Bar on
papers. Has been trail ridden, neck
reins and work off leg. Big stout,
friendly mare
. Sire is
Cee-A-Hollywood Doc and has Sunny
Dawn Bar on Papers.
           Poco Jills Lady  
14 yr old AQHA  Buttermilk Buckskin Mare  14.2h   Very laid back stocky mare.  Count the Gold,
Poco.  and Leo is on her papers.  Works best for intermediate rider.
Nora15 1 Grulla Qter.  MARE   Lots of trail miles
Safe to say anybody can ride and handle
Eve   5 YR  14h  Qt Pony Palomino  mare   
VERY Gentle  Rode by 12 yr old girl  
                     " Blaze"
BLAZE:  Huge Huge Huge Huge  10 yr old  
16.1h  1200 + lb. Huge everywhere except nice
head and ears.  Very gamey, not for beginner,
has been doing barrels,  Very Fast.
6 yr old Grulla  Qtr. 14.2 h.
Very quiet Started    under
saddle doing well .

4 yr.  Qtr. Mo Foxtrotter Look at those eyes  
and color. Started under saddle 14.2H.